What Is Garcinia Cambogia Extract?

garcinia_cambogiaOK, after all the hoopla caused by Dr. Julie Chen’s visit to The Dr. Oz Show, I thought I’d take a look at this “amazing” supplement.

The Extract is derived from the rind of a fruit called Garcinia Cambogia. The fruit is also known as gambooge or tamarind. These pumpkin shaped fruits grow in India, Southeast Asia, and Central and West Africa. The people in these regions have been using and enjoying the use of this fruit for hundreds of years.

The Garcinia Cambogia Extract has recently enjoyed a surge in popularity due to it’s being promoted on the Dr Oz television show. It is being promoted as a terrific weight loss agent as Dr. Oz has mentioned. Dr. Oz references the work by Dr. Julie Chen, who is a respected health and wellness expert. Dr. Chen has done studies that have shown that people that take the extract lose up to two to three times more weight than people who do not take the extract.

For the average person this filtered down to them losing on the average of 10 pounds per month. This was affected without the people changing any of their habits in diet and with no additional exercise. All they did was take the extract.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Garcinia cambogia operates on two levels when causing people to lose weight. The first point is that the extract works as a suppression of appetite. This is a major issue with most people as they find it difficult to suppress the munchies so the extract handles that issue. The second point is that the extract prevents fat from being formed in the body.

It is very difficult to really believe all of the hype that is present in the weight-loss industry today. There are just too many unbelievable claims that are super-pitched to the public on every available media. From email, multi-level schemes, magazines and television, the public is bombarded with many different and varied wonder products.

Fortunately, Garcinia Cambogia has serious, scientific studies provided by Dr. Chen that have provided solid results. The suppression of the desire for food is a natural process that is safe and proven. The extract is proven clinically that it changes the biochemistry of our system that creates new fat cells. It slows down the process and in some situations completely stops the fat cell being formed at all. By doing this it will take the components used in fat cell creation and causes them to be passed on into the digestive system and eliminated out as waste.

What Garcinia Cambogia Extract Can Do For You

So here is a wonderful diet-controlling agent that will help to create that full feeling, thus causing a person to cut down on snacks and extra helpings. At the same time it prevents the formation of fat cells. It is a safe and benign substance that is easily incorporated in our daily diet without any special accommodations needed.

The supplement comes in capsule form so it can be taken anywhere very easily. The extract works best if it is taken about 30 minutes prior to eating a meal. The extract can be purchased from any provider that manufactures the product in a GMP facility. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice.

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